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Importance of an Entrepreneurial Mindset

January 26, 2018

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Judgement with its roots in Fear

March 5, 2018


Reflecting on a great week filled with several coaching interventions within leadership development, with specific reference to soul-consciousness. The need for leadership and in this instance man, to be both aware and to connect with their inner deepest part of the psyche (spiritual) with the aim of driving much more than self-actualisation, mostly EGO, but rather self-transcendence, is becoming inevitable for our own survival and growth as a species




This week I was both fortunate and blessed to be part of the preparations of my son's wedding ceremony plans. The venue "Die Woud" breath-taking. The food spectacular, the wine divine and the excitement flavoured with love, permeated with hope, driven by joy towards a higher purpose, offering a journey of sustainable travels. So quintessential, the instance we infuse our present with the hope of a forward thinking future, how calm, creative and intuitive we become.


I often wonder how we arrived at the thought that hope could in any way be linked to the past.


I have yet to experience any artist that finds his or her way through creative energies of the past, but always their present responsiveness to both beauty and excellence, projecting their creative energies onto that white canvas.


Although good art is driven by anxiety as the undertone of creativity, an artist driven by fear, will continue to stare at that white canvas for months. How long are we going to stare at the white canvas of our lives? Surely God don't want us to stare and be stuck in the yesterday of our lives? We could, but lets be weary of that dessert. Surely God as the ultimate Creator, the absolute Truth, wants and needs us to be in sync with His creation. Isn't this what we should be passionate about? Didn't He became man through his only son Jesus, as to give us the very paint to paint our canvases of life with the paint of his blood, and that we co create with God though the relational Truth of Jesus, inspired by the Spirit? Clearly we paint / create our lives through our relationships with others. Does this mean that we, as God's artists are not going to experience anxiety in this process? Of course we are, just as long as we aren't driven by fear! Saint John of the Cross positions this so well when he asks "what drives you, what are your passion in this life? Joy, Sorrow, Fear or Hope", warning us that these will influence the way we think and experience life, ultimately effecting our relationships and our "art".



I am still wondering though..... Twenty-first century and we still don't show the insight into this thing called "Judgement". The cancer of relationships. The very thing that inhibits us to paint through relationships, and robs us of our creative ability.



Change is ramped and the environment we operate within, is volatile and never going to be like yesterday again! The demand on us to be creative, intuitive and forward thinking, inevitably drives high levels of anxiety that often manifest as fear, through our "Judgmental Behaviours". Whether these have its inception within the political, social, business and or the church boundaries, (specific reference to the latter), a behaviour, a conduct of judging others, based on our own subjective beliefs and or based on some convenient dogma with its roots well imbedded within the previous century, is living proof that we, ourselves, are struggling to keep up with the demands of change imposed upon us, with a natural tendency to ignite, to spark, the very defence mechanisms rooted within fundamentalism thinking.



Let's give ourselves a break, and dare to be different, and as Brene Brown says, let's "Dare Greatly", in the knowledge that we find our creativity within a state of vulnerability, close to the absolute truth of God the creator, our ingenuity and hope in the relational truth of Jesus, all inspired by the incarnational truth of the Spirit.



Why not become, The ultimate servant, with the single goal of putting the interest of others before the interest and safety of our subjective self.


As Stephan Joubert, in his book "Dit kos GUTS om te bly glo: Hoe om in moeilike dae God ernstig op sy woord te neem", illustrate, aluminate and guide us to the realities of our challenges being the artist in God's hands.



Johan Slabbert.
Jesus follower, Husband, Father, Transformational Leader and Transpersonal Coach.

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